Freight/Cargo Elevator Manufacturing & Solution

Freight/Cargo Elevator Manufacturing & Solution

Are you looking for a freight elevator manufacturer? As an excellent elevator manufacturer brand in China, we can provide various freight elevator/Cargo elevator/Car elevator solutions. Your on the intended use and the weight to be transported are the specifications we use to design and manufacture. We can help you solve complex transportation needs with cost-effective products.

Classes of Freight Elevator

Class A: General Freight Loading

Freight elevator with this class has the load distributed, the weight of any single piece is not more than 1/4 the capacity of the elevator and the load is handled on and off the car platform manually or by means of hand trucks.

Class B: Motor Vehicle Loading

Freight elevator with this class is used solely to carry automobile trucks or passenger automobiles up to the rated capacity of the elevator.

Class C1: Industrial Truck Loading

A four-wheeled vehicle may be used to load and unload in the elevator with this class. The combined weight of the vehicle and the load cannot exceed the rated capacity and may be rolled onto the platform as a single unit.

Class C2: Industrial Truck Loading

In this class, during loading and unloading, the maximum load on the platform may be up to 150% of the rated capacity. This enables the user to use a forklift to load a car with freight weighing up to the rated capacity.

Class C3: Other forms of Industrial Truck Loading

During the loading and unloading process, the rated capacity must never be exceeded.

Technical specifications

Capacity630kg ~ 5000kg
Speed0.25m / s,0.5m / s,1m / s
Maximum travel50m
Maximum parking times3 ~ 6
Class LoadingA
DriveElectric Drum or Traction
Power208V- 3 phase


  • Simplex or Group Elevator Operation.
  • Slide-up/Bi- Parting car doors.
  • Vertical Slide- up doors
  • Swing landing doors
  • Vertical Bi-Parting landing doors.
  • Dust Proof and/or Explosion Proof.
  • Higher Capacity and Sizes Available.
  • Stainless Steel Cab, Galvanize Steel Cab.

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