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We are a residential/home elevator manufacturer and supplier from China. We provide residential elevator solutions to users around the world under any environment. Our solutions are chosen to meet any of your needs. We are committed to tailor-made floor transportation solutions for our customers.

Top Elevator Manufacturer in China

As a leading manufacturer of home/residential elevators, we provide high-quality and cost-effective products to real estate developers and dealers around the world plan.The one-stop service from installation to maintenance can meet the mobility needs of various applications from residential to commercial and shopping malls to airports. Our solutions for your building range from highly standardized functions to fully customized elevators. 

Leading Residential Elevator Products

VLA-1703 House Elevator

VLA-1702 House Elevator

VLA-1701House Elevator

High-quality Solutions:

  1. Environmentally friendly, safe and durable
  2. High-end customization, proficient in all types of elevators
  3. Original quality, no need for secondary decoration
  4. A model of aesthetics, perfect integration of technology and aesthetics.

High-end Configuration

  1. High-performance host, more stable and more comfortable
  2. Smart control cabinet, noiseless and quieter
  3. Variable frequency door, intelligent adjustment, smooth and quiet.

Perfect Home Elevator Protection

  1. Elevator emergency leveling to ensure that passenger leave safely
  2. One-key dialing, one-key call for help in emergencies
  3. Multiple protections, all-round guarding of access and travel.

Extremely Comfortable Experience

  1. Ultra-quiet operation, effective sound insulation and noise reduction
  2. Shock-absorbing car bottom improves ride comfort
  3. Air purification, introducing air purification system.

Smart Elevator Design

  1. Internet of Things service, real-time detection of elevator status
  2. Intelligent call elevator makes it more convenient and only
  3. Intelligent maintenance, active monitoring, big data reminds maintenance.

Flexible Customized Solutions

Hosting provides flexible customized solutions for home residential elevators, and provides elevators suitable for a variety of building structures, with a variety of types, series, and styles to choose from.